Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Webcam Toy Paul Neave

webcamtoy neave.com, www.neave.com

Interactive tools, toys, apps and art made by interaction designer Paul Neave.  http://neave.com/webcam/ 

  1  Explore the stars and planets from your web browser.
  2  Bounce a bunch of bouncy balls with your mouse — or microphone!
  3  Stare into the Strobe and begin to hallucinate!
  4  A digital photobooth with over 60 types of camera effects and filters.
  5  Watch my TV of utter confusion.
  6  What can you imagine? Are fractals algorithms or art? Zoom in and explore!
  7  Play my officially licensed version of Tetris®!
  8  A radioactive board game of rubies vs. pearls.
  9  Simon will leave you crazy and forgetful — a dangerous combination!
10  An old-skool version of the classic game of O’s and X’s.
11  A retro remake of the classic mobile phone game.
12  Masses of swarming mouse pointers, made for AOL.
13 Interactive device developed for Barclays.
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